At Be My Guest Athens we love fitness, we love bikes. Due to the fact that the owners of the hotel have been living in the Netherlands for several years, the most popular city for cycling worldwide, cycling is quite well promoted here. So, if you also like cycling……be my guest! We have some exciting news to share!

We are organizing bike tours in partnership with Cocomat Bikes (, where you can feel Athenians for a day! Forget about overcrowded metros, trams or buses that are stuck in the city center. Now, it’s more than easy to explore Athens on a bike! Six cycling routes are available for to you to start your day after breakfast time! Hand made Greek wooden bicycles are available to rent for individual tours, however we strongly advise you to take part in a special organized tour which will surprise you!

For more info about timetables and prices you will be informed upon arrival or you can pre-book it by sending us an email with your booking details and time preferences.

Be My Guest team.